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Rue de Médran, 1936 Verbier, Switzerland

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Имя владельца: Juan Catasus


Snowboard school verbier


Why there has never been a better time to learn to ski?

I freely admit that there are many easier sports than skiing. Although immensely rewarding; your first attempt may see accidentally WHIRL like Bambi on ice.
However, thanks to technological advances in equipment, investment in resort infrastructure and improved coaching quality and techniques, there has never been a better time to learn to ski.

Keynotes for selecting best ski instructor/ski guide/ ski service provider:

✅ Better resorts.
✅ Better slopes.
✅ Better Lessons.
✅ Better equipment.
✅ Better Accessibility.

Ready to give it a go? Find out more about our adult group ski lessons!

Private ski lessons verbier


Now is a great time to give your skiing ability a boost. Our ski school in verbier, offer begginer to advanced ski lessons and ski guides to explore Verbier off-piste skiing!

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